Pandemic Escape Room


The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in countries all around the world. And in order to bring the fight to this invisible enemy, you’ll need to trust your instincts and sharpen your skills. It’s dangerous out there! And hidden at the end of this twisting maze of a Google Form, you’ll discover a safety mask — just one weapon to help you in the battle against this powerful disease.

If you can correctly answer every question, you’ll make your way through the pandemic and into the secret laboratory where you can retrieve the safety mask. But STAY ALERT! Because one false move in your discovery process can launch a devastating new outbreak and send you spiraling down a dead-end pathway or forced to return right back to the very start of your research. So take your time and be safe!

Click here to bring the fight to the pandemic in this digital escape room!

Teachers are welcome to save a local copy of this digital escape room and adjust it to suit the unique needs of their classroom. The branching Google Form will automatically collect all student submissions in a password-protected spreadsheet that only you can see!

Click here to save a local copy of this digital escape room to edit in any way you’d like.