Virtual One Stop Shop Folders

Help your classes make sense of virtual learning with clear visual instructions in a one-stop-shop for a full week of on-demand teaching or more!


Tired of hearing the words “new normal” and “unprecedented” yet? I don’t blame you.

But whether we like it or not, teaching in the year ahead will definitely present its own (ahem) “unique” series of challenges when it comes to offering clear and consistent instruction for learners both in and outside of our physical classrooms. Students and teachers alike thrive on consistency and routine, and good communication is essential, for great teaching — especially when it’s happening in two places at once. So I put this Google Slides template together to help teachers get organized right from the get-go. It’s fully editable and can be used week after week whether your going “LIVE” with synchronous instruction or you’re presenting students with multiple “ON DEMAND” assignments that they can complete at their own pace throughout a full week or longer of online learning.

Just open the slides up in Presenter mode and you can even click the folder tabs to hop between each of the tabbed pages in the collection! That way, you and your students will all be able to stay on the same page no matter where or when we’re getting the job done.  The default template features “save a copy” links to:

Click here to save a local copy of the First Week Welcome Slides!

Click here to save a local copy of the template with 5 tabs (for Monday – Friday days of the week)!