JMseatedHi, I’m John. I’m a high school teacher. An instructional coach. A marathoner. A Spartan. A Tough Mudder. And a theme park junkie. I believe that enthusiasm is infectious, and that our classrooms should feel like a full-blown escape from the everyday routine of the time-honored academic death march.

They say your favorite class is the one that you like the most. And your best class is the one where you learn the most. I want my class to be both.




So I wrote a book. And the amazing folks at Dave Burgess Consulting graciously decided to publish it. It’s called EDrenaline Rush, and it’s available now. People really seem to dig it! In July of 2020, Book Authority ranked EDrenaline Rush among the top 20 titles on their list of the “100 Best Teaching Books of All Time.”

This is the official online home for the book and all things #EDrenaline, including a bunch of the cool stuff that I’m reading, learning, and trying out in my classroom. Here you’ll also find lesson plan supplements from the book and speaker information if you’d like bring this same game-changing energy into your school, along with a regular stream of content with related links, blog posts, teacher tips, and all sorts of cool resources that keep me working harder every day to become a better educator. Just like an escape room: we learn together by throwing ourselves in and trying stuff out. And just like a road race or an obstacle course: only way through it is to do it, right?

Thanks for stopping by. And please feel free to join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #EDrenaline. Steel sharpens steel, and if passionate educators are working together? There’s no telling what we can do!