Get ready to feel the #EDrenaline Rush!


What if going to school captured the thrills and excitement of an amusement park? Could classroom activities elicit the same sense of exhilaration you feel when charging the hill in a mud run? And how much more engaged would our students be if a curriculum was filled with the same mystery and mastery you’d expect from a twisting escape room of puzzles and surprises? Packed with lesson planning tips, instructional design ideas, and plug-and-play teaching resources, EDrenaline Rush challenges teachers to think differently and push their pedagogy to incredible limits, creating classrooms where students willingly step outside of their comfort zones and boldly dare to attempt the impossible.



Sketchnote courtesy of Amélie Silvert (@Teachersilvert) in Lycée Fénelon in Lille, France

Praise for EDrenaline Rush

Toppo“More than any other teacher I know, John Meehan embodies the idea of the teacher as a transformational figure. He is dedicated to mak- ing the classroom a place where students’ natural curiosity and love of learning can come alive. We’re all so lucky he has slowed down enough to put his ideas between covers. Actually, if I’d had a mentor like John (and a book like this) when I was teaching, I might never have quit.” —Greg Toppo, senior editor at Inside Higher Ed, author of The Game Believes in You


Wiggins“John Meehan has figured out how to come up with a creative activity for almost any kind of content or skill you want your students to acquire, and he has listed them all here. This easy-to-read, entertaining book can be read cover to cover or flipped to any random page; either way, you’re bound to come away with a great idea or three. It’s packed with practical tips and great writing that will have you coming back for more of his dynamic, rigorous approach to classroom teaching.” –Alexis Wiggins, teacher, and author of The Best Class You Never Taught


Matera“EDrenaline Rush walks the reader down a path straight to creative freedom and joy-filled lessons. John has masterfully captured the inspiration in vignettes from life moments that rouse us to action in our classrooms. This is a must-buy and should be a must-implement for everyone who wants to create positive change in their schools.” –Michael Matera, teacher, and author of eXPlore Like a Pirate’


Cornetti“EDrenaline Rush is the ultimate surprise and delight! As an educator for students of all ages, this is a must-read book! I was inspired all over again to search for that ‘one little spark.’ Meehan’s enthusiasm is infectious, and if we could bottle John’s energy and determination to eradicate boring learning, I have no doubt we could change the game of education everywhere!” –Monica Cornetti, CEO Sententia Gamification, GamiCon Gamemaster


Welcome“I predict that EDrenaline Rush will be a game changer for schools and districts across the country. What you’re about to experience in this literary gem is second to none. You’re going to be challenged, motivated, inspired, and the amount of ideas you’re going to read about is going to blow you away.” —Adam Welcome, author of Kids Deserve It and Empower Our Girls (from the foreword)