Netflix Binge Learning

Turn binge watching into binge LEARNING with this fully editable template inspired by Netflix!

This Netflix-inspired “Binge Learning” Google Slides Template offers students a low stress, low hassle way to give your students a “big picture” overview of a concept and the possibility to zoom in with individual “episodes” related to a particular topic of your choice. The best part? Just like Netflix, you’re welcome to create a series devoted to ANY topic you can imagine! From train wreck TV Tiger Kings to mild-mannered local politicians cracking jokes in the local department of Parks and Recreation. This template offers all sorts of uses across content areas for all grade levels, whether your students are providing sneak previews of their own passion projects (think choice blogs), creating video directories of key concepts as they make their way through a new topic, or offering an end-of-unit recap of all the key content they’ve just covered.

Using the familiar interface takes the sting out of self-paced research, and by having students embed relevant websites, photos, and video links throughout the presentation, they’ll effectively have created a visually stunning annotated bibliography that can be used to pre-teach (or re-teach) just about any topic you can think of!

Simply give your students edit access to their own copy of the template, then sit back and watch all the great stuff that they can binge learn for any subject of your choice (or their own). Here are just a few examples of how other teachers and their classrooms have put this template to AMAZING use in schools across the United States!

These eighth graders “binge learned” their understanding of historical events in two languages!

Meanwhile this elementary school team used the core template to offer bite-sized “episodes” in every content area for each grade level:

Students in this middle school English class created a series of “episode guides” to pinpoint the most significant moments in their class book study.

This high school English teacher put the power of presentation to a Shakespeare unit! And since The Bard’s plays were meant to be seen, why not take your template to the next level by embedding video?

This history teacher had her students put a Cold War spin on the basic Netflix template:

And this teacher fused dynamic embedded video with the basic template to really make his presentation pop!

And last up, here’s a literary twist on the Netflix template that ties in fiction and stranger than fiction for a class study of The Crucible by Arthur Miller:

Click here for your very own editable copy of the Netflix-inspired Binge Learning template.