Patricia EDrenaline Rush: A Fabulous Read that will Ignite your Teaching! | Patricia Rakovic Blog | 08.15.19

Patricia Rakovic is a Rhode Island-based speech and language pathologist. In August of 2019, she wrote a blog post in which she discussed how she incorporated lessons inspired by EDrenaline Rush into her college classroom and in her work with elementary school students, hailing the book as “a read that you will be constantly referring back to and finding even more ways to incorporate the excitement of learning into the classroom.”

elascd-logo-3 (1) Most Recently Read or Listened To | Tammy Musiowsky Blog | 08.11.19

Tammy Musiosky is a PYP relief teacher at an international school in Singapore the President of the ASCD Emerging Leaders Alumni Affiliate. In August of 2019, she offered a quick review of EDrenaline Rush on her blog, calling the book “a fresh look at student engagement,” and adding that it was “full of ideas.” Check out her review at the link above.

OnEducation EDrenaline Rush! | John Meehan | On Education Podcast 07.15.19

Mike Washburn is a teacher in Barrie, Ontario and the host of the weekly On Education Podcast. His co-host is the show’s creator, Glen Irvin Flores, an instructional coach based out of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. The duo invited me onto their program to talk about EDrenaline Rush in July of 2019.

EdTalkLive Game-Changing Student Engagement with John Meehan | ED-Talk Live Video 07.28.19

Umair Qureshi is a Pakistan-based educator and an ASCD Emerging Leader. Tammy Musiosky is an ASCD Emerging Leader based out of Singapore. Together, they host the ED Talk Live Facebook group, and a regular episodic program where they interview teachers from around the globe to help educators keep tabs on ways to improve their performance in classrooms in all corners of the world. Check out this conversation from July of 2019!

HPT Will The Trend in Gamified Training Keep Growing? |Human Performance Tools Blog 07.11.19
James Newman is a corporate trainer based in Connecticut who owns a training and consulting firm called Human Performance Tools. In July of 2019, he took a look at how gamified education is making a splash in the corporate world, and featured a thoughtful mention of EDrenaline Rush to help his site visitors get a sense of how we’re changing the game in schools and beyond.
Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. Theme Parks, Mud Runs, & Escape Rooms…What an EDrenaline Rush! | Dave Burgess Consulting Guest Blog 07.07.19
The Pirate Captain let me take over the wheel of the DBC blog in July of 2019 to give readers around the world a sneak peek at EDrenaline Rush. Give a click to the link provided to hear what went into making this project come to life!
DwW71YSXQAQFYT8 Magic Potion EDU Podcast | Episode 034: It’s Time to Get Magical with @tishrich| 07.01.19
Tisha Richmond is a Tech Integration Specialist in Southern Oregon and author of Make Learning Magical. Keven Rinaman is the Director of Technology at Calvert Catholic Schools in Tiffin, OH. The two connected for a July episode of the Magic Potion EDU Podcast and featured EDrenaline Rush on their summer reading list. Check it out!
DiceUp Dice Up The Classroom Book Review | 06.25.19
Ryan Reed is a business and technology teacher in Ogle County, Illinois. He also maintains the “Dice Up the Classroom” blog, a YouTube channel, and a Twitter feed with more than 13,000 followers. Check out his video review of EDrenaline Rush at the link above!
latin Colosseum Chaos: A Latin Gamified Classroom | 05.6.19
Amy Skillicorn is a Latin instructor based out of St. Louis, Missouri. In June of 2019, she spent a full day training with me in two sessions at the Summit for Transformative Learning. And two days later, she took a few of the ideas from our sessions and changed the game in her classroom!
ItoL Invitations to Learn Podcast| Episode 18: Gamifying Learning 05.15.19
Nishi Langhorne is a tech coach in the Fairfax County Public Schools not to far from where I teach in Arlington, Virginia. In May of 2019, she dropped in on a handful of my classes and we had the chance to talk shop on ways that teachers can change the game in their own pedagogy!
Springpad The educational blogs chosen by the teachers of Twitter… | 05.24.19
George Stokes is a teacher, blogger, and edtech developer based out of Dubai. He is the creator of a program called Springpad, which is designed to simplify teacher workload, student assessment, and parent communication with digital workbooks. In May of 2019, his readers selected EDrenaline Rush as one of the top 20 blogs in education.
Olathe Olathe Spark Starters| Episode 07: PD Opportunities and Must Read Books Podcast 05.15.19
Jordan Billings is one of the co-hosts of the Olathe Spark Starters podcast, who’s “mission is to inspire innovative ideas and empower educators to cannonball into personalized professional learning.” In May of 2019, the Olathe team gave an enthusiastic endorsement to EDrenaline Rush, naming it one of their must-read books of the summer.
APLitHelp Gamification in the English Classroom | Blog Post 05.05.19
Tia Miller teaches AP Literature and AP Language at Chapmanville Regional High School in southern West Virginia. She is currently working on her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Marshall University. In May of 2019, she blogged about how she’s incorporated elements of gamification into her AP classroom and gave me a great shout-out.
Summit The Crosstrail of Professional & Personal Passions| Blog Post 04.24.19
Ryan Stephans is a middle school educator in Kansas with more than a decade of experience as a social studies teacher. He maintains a blog titled “Summit Seeking” that blends his love of the outdoors and his passion for education. In April of 2019, we connected on Twitter and he offered a thoughtful shout out on his blog.
Hallway Hallway Renegades Podcast | Episode 05: Rethink. Reimagine. Gamify. | 04.23.19
I first met Andrea Quintana, NBCT, when we worked together with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Teacher Advisory Council in 2016. In April of 2019, Andrea invited me to be a guest on her podcast and talk about ways that teachers can become a “Hallway Renegade.”
Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. #EggDashChallenge |Dave Burgess Consulting Guest Blog 4.04.18
The good people at Dave Burgess Consulting caught wind of the #EggDashChallenge and invited me to share a quick activity write-up for their website in April of 2019. This post also marked the first “official” announcement of EDrenaline Rush as a member of the DBC line of publications!
30ways 30 Ways to Engage Students Digitally | 4.12.19
Nadine Gilkison is a Technology Integration Specialist for Franklin Township Schools, in Indianapolis, Indiana. We had the chance to connect when I presented on #QRBreakIN at ASCD Empower19, and she liked what she saw, so she shared a few of my templates on  her blog.
Beta Tech Tuesday – Season 3, Episode 14, Testing Review Sites | 04.09.19
Darcie Priester is an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher in a small school district in Northern Virginia. We connected through Twitter, and she offered a fun take on some of the activities available on the #EDrenaline Rush site!
Math “Donkey Kong Break In” | Blog Post 04.04.19
Mandi Tolen is a Missouri tech integrator and life-long learner, currently teaching in the secondary math classroom. She put a Donkey Kong twist on #QRBreakIN and shared her thoughts on how the activity helped to motivate students in her classroom.
Keeler “I’m Not a Science Teacher, I’m a Game Master” | Guest Blog Post 03.31.19
Alicia Motter is a science teacher based out of New York state. In March of 2019, she was featured as a guest blogger on Alice Keeler’s Teacher Tech, and she had some nice things to say about #QRBreakIN and my gamified syllabus!
Malchow “Malchow’s Tech Bites”
| Blog Post 03.31.19
Sarah Malchow is an Elementary Digital Learning Specialist in the Pulaski School District in Wisconsin. In March of 2019, she discovered the #EggDashChallenge on Twitter, and spread the word of this high-energy classroom crazy to teachers throughout her district.
Toolbox “Toolbox Thursday” | Teacher PD 03.28.19
Tricia Pettis is a Personalized Learning Coach at South View Middle School in Edina, MN, where organizes professional development for teachers in her school. In March of 2019, she adapted a number of activities shared on my blog, including Text Quest and the digital escape room, to help teachers in her school change the game!
PottyPD Coaching Corner “PottyPD” Vol. 5 | Blog Post 03.27.19
South Carolina educator Pam Hubler is the brains behind the Coaching Corner “PottyPD” newsletter — a bite-sized serving of teacher professional development that you can literally read… anyplace you’d like. The #EggDashChallenge made her highlights in March of 2018.
Google Land Google Land Intro to Google | Teacher PD 03.26.19
Amanda Sandoval is a history teacher and coach based out of Corona, California. She stumbled across the #QRBreakIN templates and adapted it into a Candy Land inspired training exercise to help teachers learn all about the Google “Sweet” for EDU.
Byars “Take a Nap and Then Level Up” | Blog Post 03.26.19
Kathryn Byars is a history teacher at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Eastvale, California. She’s whip smart, really good at Twitter, and maintains a pretty killer education blog. In March of 2019, she geeked out about some of the stuff I’ve been sharing on social media.
AOH Middle School Matters Podcast | Episode 324 | 3.26.18
Shawn McGirr is a teacher, podcaster, and educational consultant with Vision for Kids. On this episode of his Middle School Matters podcast, Shawn raved about a video I posted on Twitter, and the #EggDashChallenge had begun!
Pride “Pride of the Tribe” | Blog Post 03.25.19
Jennie Flaa is the Principal of Sanger High School in Sanger, Texas. She stumbled upon the #EggDashChallenge on Twitter in March of 2019, and shared the activity with teachers from The Lone Star Sate on her school’s blog.
AOH Behind The Green Curtain | Age of Heroes Blog Post 02.21.18
Jason Howse is a teacher at Seven Stones Community School in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He is also the brains behind the brilliant gamified classroom experience called Age of Heroes. If you’re interested in gamification, this blog post is outstanding.
Bookcast The BookCast PD | Volume 1, Issue 1 | 02.12.19
Jon Smith (@theipodteacher) and Keven Rinaman (@kevenrinaman) just launched a NEW form of #PD! Part teacher improvement tool, part multimedia communication platform. With guest stars and clever takeways — The BookCast is loaded with actionable PD.
DwW71YSXQAQFYT8 Magic Potion EDU Podcast | Episode 024: Meet Them Where They Are with @MeehanEDU | 01.04.18
Keven Rinaman is the Director of Technology at Calvert Catholic Schools in Tiffin, OH. We connected on Twitter through the NCEA Social Media Influencers contest, and he invited me to stop in for an episode of the Magic Potion EDU Podcast over the holiday break.
DisruptED TV Teacher Sparks – Turning Your Syllabus into a Game |10.01.18
I met Michelle Hill on Twitter, and she asked me to join her for an episode of Teacher Sparks. Check out her YouTube show for a whole bunch of ideas on how we can continue bringing innovations and excitement into our classrooms.
NCEA 2019 Social Media Influencers Announced | 09.17.18
Beginning Monday, September 24, NCEA will follow the progress of the following nine individuals as they make their mark in the social realm of Catholic education. NCEA will provide a topic each week and influencers will use social media to share, engage and inspire the online community to build a buzz around Catholic school education.
#QRBreakIN: A game-changing approach to old-school centers |Ditch That Textbook Guest Blog 9.04.18
I’ve been fascinated by escape rooms and high-energy classroom activities for a really long time, and so I wanted to create a pedagogy that could help capture all of the fun and excitement of these activities in a plug-and-play format that could be used in any classroom or grade level. Matt Miller of Ditch That Textbook really dug it — check out the guest blog to snag a sample template!
alice-logo-final-sm “A Game-Changing Approach to a Back-to-School Syllabus” | Alice Keeler Guest Blog | 8.20.18
In August, 2018, I had the chance to connect with author, teacher, and all-around Twitter rock star Alice Keeler. She invited me to write a guest post about my gamified Dream Rush approach to a student syllabus on her blog. Give a click and you can even snag a freebie copy of the template!
580b57fcd9996e24bc43c53e “Epic Ideas to Shake Up the First Few Days of School!” | PD4UandMe Twitter Chat Guest Host | 8.18.18
Teresa Gross reached out to me in the summer of 2018 and asked if I’d like to sit in as the guest host for her weekly #PD4UandMe Twitter chat by offering some actionable strategies for a game-based approach to starting the school year off strong. Check out the link to see the Wakelet of the day’s timelines.
170x170bb “Feeling the Jolt of Life!” Well PlayED Podcast Episode 68 | 7.24.18
Michael Matera graciously welcomed me back onto his Well PlayED podcast to discuss ways for teachers to recharge over the summer months as we gear up for another year of full-tilt student engagement. In this episode, we talk games, relaxation, and finding new sources for teaching inspiration. (Note: this podcast is also available on iTunes)
156736 “John Meehan Talks About What Gamification Makes The Students Feel” | Professor Game Podcast Episode 36 | 7.2.18
International podcaster Rob Alvarez and I connected on Twitter towards the tail end of the 2017-2018 school year. In July, he welcomed me to talk shop with him on the Professor Game Podcast, which has previously hosted such gamification luminaries as Yu-Kai Chou, Dr. Richard Bartle, Dr. Pete Jenkins, and Monica Cornetti. (Note: this podcast is also available on iTunes)
170x170bb “Homage to the Greatest Game Ever!” | Well PlayED Podcast Episode 53 | 4.10.18
After running into one another face-to-face in Boston during the ASCD Empower18 conference, Michael Matera invited me back onto his weekly podcast to discuss our shared love of The Legend of Zelda, and how this classic video game can help inspire amazing lessons for classroom teachers. (Note: this podcast is also available on iTunes)
51r86wvksml-_sx331_bo1204203200_ “Skeptic Sees the Light of Gamification Shining Brightly”| Well PlayED Podcast Episode 42 | 1.23.18
In December of 2017 I had the chance to read Michael Matera’s eXPlore Like a Pirate. The following month, I decided to go all in with a fully gamified classroom, and Michael invited me onto his education podcast to discuss the move. (Note: this podcast is also available on iTunes)”
mrqmq0sk 5-Minute PD” Teacher 2 Teacher Guest Blog | 2.24.17
I wrote this post for the Teacher 2 Teacher blog in February of 2017. It’s about the subtle but important difference between a “dialogue” and a “discussion,” and how making note of this difference can propel your students to incredible levels of success.