Choice Board Bingo

Turn end-of-unit projects into an interactive game of student choice! Fully editable with 25 separate badges to collect.


You’ve probably seen something like these elsewhere in your teacherly travels. But “Choice Boards” are a great way to offer students the chance to show what they know in whatever way they feel most comfortable. After all: doesn’t writing a quality blog post or a thorough book review demonstrate the same skills that students would otherwise have had to practice in a five paragraph essay?

By turning traditional choice boards into a kind of BINGO game, students will immediately recognize the challenge before them: complete any five assignments to fill up their BINGO cards by turning in five smaller projects either in the same column, the same row, or on a diagonal. At your discretion, you can always ask for a new submission (or more than one!) per student each time you conclude a new unit — which makes the choice board an outstanding resource for flipped, blended, hybrid, and online classes.

And since you’re the one serving up the menu, you can keep all of the writing assignments in a single column. Or put all the tech-friendly assignments like recording an original podcast or video in a second. Then arrange all of the performance-based projects like delivering a short speech or performing an original song about the course content in a third. Go deep or go wide! And use a Single Point Rubric to make for faster grading across the board.

The Choice Board Bingo activity shown here is fully editable. Click any one of the icons to be taken to a corresponding page detailing the unique submission guidelines for each type of assignment. And to add an extra layer of fun beyond simple five in a row style Bingo games, there are 25 different “Achievement Badges” to collect. If you’re teaching in person, you might even consider printing out individual stickers or scorecards for each student so they can keep track of their projects throughout the year. The 25 activities included in the default template include:

  4. ARTIST’S EYE (Drawing)
  5. STAR PERFORMER (Acting)
  6. HASHTAG HERO (Twitter)
  8. FACEBOOK FIEND (Facebook)
  9. SNAPCHAT STAR (Snapchat)
  12. NEXT-GEN JOURNALIST (Mock News Story)
  13. QUIZ BOWL CHAMPION (Kahoot!)
  14. RULER OF THE REMIX (Playlist)
  15. BLOGGER TO WATCH (Blogging)
  16. BATTLE RAP GENIUS (Original Battle Rap or Poem)
  17. TED TALK TITAN (Original Speech)
  18. MAPPING MASTERMIND (Coggle or Original Map)
  19. ULTIMATE GAMER (Create an Original Video Game)
  20. TOY COLLECTOR (Create Original Action Figures)
  21. TIP TOP TEACHER (Student Becomes the Teacher)
  22. GREAT GAME DESIGNER (Create an Original Board Game)
  23. THOUGHTFUL TALKER (One-on-one Oral Exam with Teacher)
  24. CRASH COURSE ALL STAR (Create a Crash Course Video)
  25. ALL-PRO PODCASTER (Create an Original Podcast)

Click here to snag an editable copy of the Choice Board Bingo activity!