Season 3, Episode 73: Election Season is Upon Us

DUMP TRUMP! SLEEPY JOE! BUILD A WALL! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! LOCK HIM UP! FAKE NEWS! Are you tired of all the shouting and political rancor of the current election cycle? The U.S. Presidential election is just days away, and our classrooms are invariably going to inherit at least some portion of the political anxiety in the weeks to come regardless of the outcome. In this week’s episode, we do our best to offer some non-partisan insight designed to help teachers create safer, more inclusive classrooms without coming right out and picking one side of the political aisle. Give a listen! And if it’s not your cup of tea: don’t boo. Vote!

[NOTE: Apologies for the delay in this posting! I’d tinkered with some automatic sharing settings on the back end of this podcast and didn’t realize that my episodes hadn’t been sending out for the past few weeks!]

Recorded in bumper-to-bumper traffic to and from my daily work as a high school instructional coach just outside of Washington D.C., Talk to Mee in the Car is where a brainstorm and a good old-fashioned brain dump collide to help educators hone their skills and become leaner, meaner, 21st century teaching machines. Join me for a quick hitting 11(ish) minute episode every Monday for tips, tricks, and strategies to change the game in your classroom TODAY with high-energy, student-centered teaching that actually works.

Because one size fits all professional development simply doesn’t.

Talk to Mee in the Car Education Podcast
Talk to Mee in the Car Education Podcast
Season 3, Episode 73: Election Season is Upon Us

Author: John

John Meehan (@MeehanEDU) is an English teacher and school instructional coach at Bishop O’Connell High School in Arlington, Virginia. He began his teaching career in 2010 as a career switcher through The New Teacher Project, after spending five years working in social media and event marketing. He is a 2017 ASCD Emerging Leader, and an alumnus of the 2016-2018 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Teacher Advisory Council. In 2016, he was named one of Arlington, Virginia’s “40 Under 40” by the Leadership Center for Excellence. He is a past presenter and regular attendee at educational conferences throughout the United States, including the annual conference for National Catholic Education Association, ASCD Empower19, and the Play Like a Champion Today: Character Education Through Sports summer conference at the University of Notre Dame. He’s an avid runner who’s completed more than three dozen marathons, half marathons, long-distance road relays, mud runs, and obstacle course races. John lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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