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Spend an action-packed summer chatting it up with fellow educators and CHANGE THE GAME for your school year!

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Heck yes! It’s a full summer of high-energy brainstorming, broken down into bite-sized chunks and presented ON YOUR SCHEDULE so you can jump in as deep or as often as you like. If you’ve never used Voxer before, it’s a FREE app for smartphones that allows you do take part in “walkie talkie” like conversations over the web. Share voice, photo, and text messages with groups of game-changers all around the world, and have 24/7 access to an ongoing digital “book study” designed to help you change the game!

The best part: you can even go back to the chat as often as you’d like, and binge on the entire library of shared content at your leisure with the simple click of a button.

We’d love to have you join the party!


Order your copy of the book right here!

Here’s our chat schedule:

Monday, June 24: Origin Stories (Start of Chat / Introductions)
Nothing fancy! Our chat starts on Monday, June 24 — this will give everyone a chance to get the book delivered before we dive in. Reading assignment: introductory chapter only! This week is your chance to share a bit about who you are as an educator and give fellow chatters an idea of how you’re looking to change the game in your classroom!

Monday, July 1: Chapters 1-3 (Theme Parks)
Make sure your seat belts are safely fastened and your lap bars are fully secure! This week, we’re taking a ride through the first three chapters of EDrenaline Rush, and bouncing all sorts of ideas about ways to adapt theme park-inspired pedagogy into classrooms at any grade level.

Monday, July 8: Chapters 4-6 (Mud Runs)
Time to dig deep, mudders! Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and dive right into the trenches? This week’s chat is all about game-changing student engagement inspired by the messy, high-energy world of obstacle course racing. Even if you’ve never had the pleasure, we’ve got a ton of ideas inspired by mud runs to fire up any classroom!

Monday, July 15: Game Break! — No Chat This Week
Every good obstacle course race needs a water stop. This week is our chance to enjoy some time away from the book study and really let those ideas marinate for a bit. Our biggest challenge still awaits!

Monday, July 22: Chapters 7-9 (Escape Rooms)
Lock in pedagogical ideas inspired by the twisting, sprawling world of elaborate escape rooms and hidden corridors of surprise and discovery with our chat for the week of July 22. It’s loaded with secrets, plot twists, and heart-pounding excitement — and designed to turn any teacher into a master of escape room inspired instructional design!

Monday, July 29: Back in Action (Plans for Next Year!)
Education reform legend John Dewey famously said that “we do not learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience.” The final week of our chat will be totally devoted to key take-away ideas, personal passion projects, and individual action plans that you can carry back to your school for the upcoming academic year!

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Author: John

John Meehan (@MeehanEDU) is an English teacher and school instructional coach at Bishop O’Connell High School in Arlington, Virginia. He began his teaching career in 2010 as a career switcher through The New Teacher Project, after spending five years working in social media and event marketing. He is a 2017 ASCD Emerging Leader, and an alumnus of the 2016-2018 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Teacher Advisory Council. In 2016, he was named one of Arlington, Virginia’s “40 Under 40” by the Leadership Center for Excellence. He is a past presenter and regular attendee at educational conferences throughout the United States, including the annual conference for National Catholic Education Association, ASCD Empower19, and the Play Like a Champion Today: Character Education Through Sports summer conference at the University of Notre Dame. He’s an avid runner who’s completed more than three dozen marathons, half marathons, long-distance road relays, mud runs, and obstacle course races. John lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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